Custom Pork Processing

When you process your hog with Nadler's, you are not only getting your hog cut your way, but we take extra care to ensure the best quality possible.  That's why when you process your hog at Nadler's there is only one ingredient, Pork!  No additives or fillers such as mechanically separated pork, soy, water, or gasses that artificially make the meat look better.  We stand behind our promise of Simple Goodness.

Why should you process with Nadler's?

Nadler's is an "Old School" butcher with proven processing methods utilized for generations.  When you process with Nadler's you should expect the following:

  • Customizing your cuts including cut thicknesses, roast sizes, cured versus fresh, and package sizes;
  • Double wrapping your meat in 1 mil clear poly and in white butcher paper;
  • Labeling each package with your name, the name of the cut, and the date it was packaged;
  • Double grinding your ground pork and/or sausage and packaging in 1 lb poly bags with options of seasoning light, medium, or heavy;
  • Quickly freezing your meat to lock in the freshness;
  • Ensuring no additives such as mechanically separated pork, soy, water, or gasses.

How would you like your hog cut?

Once you've processed a hog with Nadler's we keep your cut information on file so if you have a particular way you like the hog cut, we can duplicate it next time, or make the appropriate adjustments.  If you are new to purchasing a hog this way and want a little guidance, check out our Pork Processing Flyer for helpful information on different types of cuts and most common ways to process. 

What does it cost to process a hog?

Standard Processing Fees

Standard Processing is Based on Hanging Weight of Hog
Slaughter Fee $50.00 per hog
Standard Processing Fee $0.96 / lb
Boxing and Waste Removal Fee $30.00 per hog

 *Standard Processing includes the cutting and packaging fresh meat, making sausage and/or ground pork, and curing specified cuts, 

Variable Fees and Options

Splitting a Hog Between Two People $10 each
Pull the Tenderloin $2.50 per side
Bone and Roll Ham $5.00 per side
Tenderize Ham $5.00 per side
Pork Cutlets $5.00 per side
Sausage or Pork Burger Patties $0.75 per lb
Link No Smoke Sausage $2.60 per lb
Link and Smoke Sausage $2.80 per lb
Original Bratwurst $2.60 per lb
Cheddar Bratwurst $2.80 per lb
Cheddar & Jalapeno Bratwurst $3.00 per lb
Hawaiian Bratwurst $3.00 per lb
Package Head to Take Home $5.00 per hog

Note: Pork must be picked up within two weeks of first notification that the complete order is ready (fresh and cured meat for customers who have both) or a storage fee of $5.00 per week per order will be applied. 

 What do I need to bring to pick up my hog?

Nothing!  Nadler's will box all orders for your convenience.  Fresh meat is typically available within one week of the slaughter date.  Cured meat is usually available three weeks following the slaughter date to give your hams and bacons adequate time to cure.

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