Custom Deer Processing

Since 1988, Nadler's has been a premier processor within the state of Missouri, processing deer and other wild game for customers harvested not only in Missouri, but nationwide.  We know that not everyone enjoys the taste of wild game, so we offer a variety of options that transform your meat into products the whole family can enjoy and keeps them coming back for more.  This includes our award winning summer sausages, snack sticks, jerky, and much more.  

What does it cost to process a deer?

The total cost of processing will vary based on the products selected.  To process a whole carcass deer, you can expect the minimum cost to be around $150 (depending on the size of the deer) and increase based on the types of products selected.  For additional savings consider skinning, quartering, and/or deboning and simply bringing in clean boneless meat.  

Printable Pricing Guide and Product Packaging Information

Standard Processing Fees


A $50 deposit per deer will be collected at the time of check in, which will be subtracted from the total processing bill upon pickup. 

Processing Options (select 1)

Bone Out Completely $100 per deer
Save Loins  $105 per deer
Save Loins & Rounds $110 per deer
Save All Steaks and Roasts $115 per deer


Variable Fees and Options

Stew Meat $1.00 per lb
1# pkg Burger with or w/o Beef $1.00 per lb
Original Patties* $1.90 per lb
Cheddar Patties* $2.05 per lb
Cheddar & Jalapeno Patties* $2.25 per lb
1# pkg Breakfast Sausage* $1.15 per lb
Original Bratwurst** $3.00 per lb
Italian Bratwurst** $3.00 per lb
Cheddar Cheese Brats** $3.15 per lb
Cheddar Jalapeno Brats** $3.35 per lb
Hawaiian Brats** $3.35 per lb
1.5 lbs Original (Large Diameter) $2.80 per lb
12 oz Original Summer Sausage* $3.05 per lb
12 oz Cheddar Summer Sausage* $3.20 per lb
12 oz Honey BBQ Summer Sausage* $3.20 per lb
12 oz Cheddar/Jalapeno Summer Sausage* $3.40 per lb
12 oz Pepper Jack/Jalapeno Summer Sausage* $3.40 per lb
Original Snack Sticks* $3.30 per lb
Cheddar Snack Sticks* $3.45 per lb
Honey BBQ Sticks* $3.55 per lb
Teriyaki Sticks* $3.55 per lb
Cheddar / Jalapeno Snack Sticks (Oh Baby! Hot Sticks)* $3.65 per lb
Peppered / Pepper Jack Cheese Sticks* $3.65 per lb
Original Ground and Formed Jerky* $4.30 per lb
Honey BBQ Ground and Formed Jerky* $4.45 per lb
Garlic and Pepper Jerky* $4.45 per lb
Cheddar / Jalapeno Ground and Formed Jerky* $4.45 per lb
Smoked Sausage* $2.90 per lb
Polish Sausage* $2.90 per lb

 * Add 25% beef to all products at $2.55 per lb

** Add 25% pork to all products at $2.55 per lb

Note: Deer must be picked up within two weeks of first notification or a storage fee of $5.00 per week per deer will be applied.

Note:  Boneless, quartered, and skinned deer that are dropped off with excessive hair and debris will be charged an additional fee for cleaning. 

What do I need to bring to pick  up my deer?

Nothing!  Nadler's will box all orders for your convenience.


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